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  1. The LIPTOV CHALETS can accommodate a guest who has booked services, confirmed by the host and is duly registered to the accommodation.

  2. Guests are required to present a valid identity document to the reception staff (identity card, passport).

  3. The facility may, in exceptional cases offer an accommodation other than was agreed with the guest, unless it differs substantially from the confirmed order.

  4. Check-in is allowed from 3:00 p.m., in exceptional cases earlier, if agreed in advance or if allowed by the current situation upon arrival of the guest.

  5. Check-out is on the date of departure until 9:30 a.m., unless agreed otherwise. In case of a late vacation of the chalet, the facility shall be entitled to charge a fee of EUR 7 for each started hour of delay. However, if the room is vacated after 16:00 on the date of departure, the complex may charge 100 % of the price per night without the client incurring contractual entitlements to the complex’s services related to accommodation.

  6. The facility reception is available daily from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Check-in or check-out outside this time range can be performed only upon prior agreement and shall be subject to a one-time fee of EUR 15 per stay. It is necessary to notify in advance.

  7. Guests are required, upon moving in the chalet and accompanied by a receptionist, to check the functionality of the all equipment in the chalet and shall report all deficiencies, discrepancies or objections at the complex’s reception immediately upon their discovery. They shall proceed in the same manner in case of identifying any damage to the room or its inventory. In the event that the facility finds damage to the room or its inventory after the end of a client’s stay without the client notifying these facts to the complex’s reception, the client shall be obliged to remunerate the facility for the damage to the chalet or its inventory in the full amount.

  8. Guests who check-in before 6:00 a.m. shall pay the price for the entire previous day.

  9. Guests are required to observe quiet night hours from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Social events are allowed after 10:00 p.m. only with the consent of the responsible employee of the facility and only in the designated premises.

  10. In case the guests continue to breach the quiet night hours even after being notified by the complex’s employee, the host shall be entitled to expel guests from the premises. In the event that the guests were expelled from the premises due to excessive noise or due to the destruction of the accommodation, the host shall be entitled to a contractual penalty of EUR 100. If the guests are expelled from the complex, they will not be entitled to a substitute accommodation or to the financial compensation of the services ordered in the facility. 

  11. Upon arrival, the guest is required to pay a deposit of EUR 150 in case of damage to the inventory, deterioration of the complex, stolen part of the inventory or facility or loss of keys. The deposit will be paid upon signing the Accommodation Agreement. The deposit will be reduced only by an adequate amount representing damage, theft or loss. At the end of the stay and in the absence of damage, theft or loss, the full amount of deposit will be returned in cash to the guest.

  12. In the event of early termination of accommodation in contrary to the Accommodation Agreement, the guest shall not be entitled to a refund of the accommodation price paid at the time of the agreement conclusion.

  13. If a guest requests the extension of the stay, the host can offer him/her another chalet, not the one in which he/she was originally accommodated.

  14. The guest will pay the price for the accommodation and related services pursuant to the valid price list upon signing the Accommodation Agreement, unless agreed otherwise. At the end of accommodation, the bill of ordered and provided services is prepared in accordance with the Accommodation Agreement.

  15. The price for accommodation does not include electricity consumption. For this reason, at the start and end of a guest’s stay, the responsible employee together with the guest will list the electricity meter balance, while the recorded values will be included in the handover protocol that forms an integral part of the Accommodation Agreement. The utilities will be charged based this information. The price list for electricity tariffs is determined according to the contract between the Liptov Chalets facility and the supplier. The price list is also available online at 

  16. The facility shall be fully liable for all money, valuables and documents only if they were taken into custody and the facility issued a relevant confirmation. The facility is equipped with a safe deposit box for depositing valuables, located at the facility reception. The accommodated person may ask the receptionist to deposit his/her valuables in the complex’s safe deposit box. Such deposit must be reported by the receptionist to the manager of the facility in order to jointly make a protocol on the shape, nature and approximate value of the valuables deposited.

  17. The accommodated person may not, without the host’s consent, move the interior furnishings in the chalet, make adjustments and any interventions in electric or other installations and move kitchenware or other equipment to another chalet.

  18. Guests may not use their own electric appliances in a chalet, except for electric appliances for personal hygiene such as hair dryer, shaving machine etc.

  19. There is a strict smoking ban in all areas of the chalet’s interior. In case of breach of this ban the facility shall be entitled to impose a fine of EUR 100 for each violation identified. Smoking is allowed only in marked areas or outside the chalet on the road. Guests are obliged to duly dispose of cigarette ends in designated bins.

  20. At check-in, each guest will receive 2 keys from the main entrance to the chalet. The keys also fit in the lock of the technical room serving as storage space for sports equipment

  21. Each chalet has its 2 own parking spaces. It is forbidden to park on grass, sidewalk or on the access road. In case of violation, the facility will request a financial compensation of EUR 50/for each parking day started; in addition, the vehicle will be towed away at the client’s expense.

  22. The complex’s employees are not authorized to enter the chalet used by guests without their presence. This does not apply in case of damage to the guest’s property, chalet’s inventory or chalet itself. For this purpose of entering the chalet, there is one spare key at the complex reception. In case of a loss or theft of just one key the guest shall be obliged to pay the amount of EUR 150, since it is a special security lock that needs to be replaced in case of a lost or stolen key.

  23. Children under the age of 15 must, at all times and for safety reasons, be in the premises and in the chalet accompanied by adults.

  24. The guest is fully responsible for any damage caused by all persons accommodated with him/her.

  25. In the chalet used by the guest visits may be received only with the consent of the responsible employee of the facility or with the consent of the receptionist.

  26. When leaving the chalet, the guest shall be obliged to close water taps, turn off the lights in rooms and chalet’s premises, switch off electric appliances, close the windows and balcony door, lock the chalet’s entrance door equipped with locking system, as follows: in order to lock, it is necessary, after the door is closed, to turn the handle counter-clockwise, to lock the locking system and then turn the key to lock the chalet.

  27. The guest is obliged to lock the chalet as described in the clause 26 during the entire stay.

  28. On the date of departure, the guests shall be obliged to put the kitchen in the original condition, i.e. to wash, wipe and put the dishes in order and take all of their food.

  29. Before the departure, the client is required to inspect the chalet and leave it in the condition in that it was taken over. Upon the departure, the client shall be obliged to empty the indoor fireplace and outdoor grill (if borrowed) and throw away garbage in the bin at the reception – near the entrance to the area. Guests are also required to sort waste, i.e. to put plastic bottles in the bin intended for plastic waste (located at the complex entrance) and place the glass bottles near the waste containers at the complex entrance.

  30. Upon the departure, the client will hand over the entire inventory of the chalet in an undamaged condition, hand over bed linen, towels and keys from the chalet. After handing over and inspecting the chalet by the host, the client will be returned a deposit of EUR 150. If other services were used, the client pays the remaining amount of the final price.

  31. Stay with a dog or other domestic animal is permitted only upon agreement with the responsible employee. If a pet is allowed, such stay is charged at a one-time rate of EUR 15 for each pet. Guests with pets are required to use containers located in the complex, where they should dispose of pet’s excrements. Pets are not allowed in the playground area. It is forbidden to leave a dog/animal unattended in the chalet. Violation of this prohibition can result in imposing a penalty of EUR 15 on the guest for each such case. Furthermore, it is forbidden to stay with domestic animals such as reptiles, amphibians, exotic animals, birds, cats or dogs that pursuant to Act no. 282/2002 Coll. are classified as dangerous dogs.

  32. Complaints of guests and eventual suggestions for improvement of the complex operation are received by the responsible receptionist as well as by the complex’s management. The complaint handling procedure is available at the reception of the complex.

  33. The Book of Suggestions and Complaints is available at the complex’s reception

  34. The client shall be obliged to observe the provisions of these Accommodation Rules as well as of the Accommodation Agreement. In the event of a material breach of the provisions of the Accommodation Rules and the Accommodation Agreement, the host shall be entitled to withdraw from the Accommodation Agreement even before the expiry of the agreed period without the entitlement of the guest to the refund of the accommodation price paid in accordance with the Accommodation Agreement and the Price List.

  35. Cancellation terms and charges:
    30 or more days before arrival – 100 % of deposit (no charges)
    29 – 20 days before arrival – 20 % of deposit (20 % of the total price of the stay is charged)
    19 – 10 days before arrival – 50 % of deposit (50 % of the total price of the stay is charged)
    9 and less days before arrival – 100 % of deposit (100 % of the total price of the stay is charged and deposit is not returned)
    Cancellation of the booking must be delivered by the guest to the host via e-mail or regular mail (only in writing)

  36. For payments by a credit card, the client shall be obliged to provide information about his/her credit card upon arrival. The hotel guarantees that the credit card information will not be misused.

  37. Payment by credit card can be made both before and after the use of services in the complex, on the basis of the data required to make the payment provided by the guest. By providing credit card payment data the guest agrees to its use. The facility shall be entitled to additionally charge the guest’s credit card for any differences that will be identified after his/her departure (damages, penalties etc.) with which the guest agrees. However, the facility shall inform the guest in writing/by e-mail on any additional settlement of differences from the guest’s credit card and on the reasons for such additional settlement.

  38. The fire protection regulations, evacuation plan and evacuation direction designation are posted up in a visible and easily accessible place within the accommodation facility. Guests are required to follow these instructions throughout their stay.

  39. The client agrees to the processing of his/her data by the hotel pursuant to Act no. 122/2013 Coll. on personal data protection. The personal data provided by the client can be processed by the facility exclusively in relation to the provision of accommodation and other services.

  40. These accommodation rules are available for guests on each chalet as well as on the notice board at the complex reception. By signing the rent agreement, the guest expresses his/her 100 % consent to the accommodation rules that he/she has read and understood.





Please read carefully the accommodation rules. In case you find there anything that is not convenient to you, please consult us. We wish all our guests a pleasant stay.